We focus not only on economical aspects when it comes to the development and manufacture of our products; ecology also plays a key role when it comes to ultratroc. With sophisticated heat transfer technologies and decisive power-saving strategies, we achieve a high level of energy efficiency with our refrigeration dryers. In the end, they offer users reduced power consumption thereby helping them to reach their own energy efficiency goals.

We also opted for refrigerants that go easy on the environment. Without exception, they comply with the guidelines prescribed by relevant climate protocols (the most recent being Kyoto and Copenhagen). The fact that these refrigerants are highly available and can be used worldwide means that we guarantee our customers a long-lasting future-proof system designed for long-term operation. Whatever the future brings, ultratroc will continue to identify the best refrigerant for drying processes and use it. In so doing, we comply with all energy efficiency targets and tackle new challenges in order to offer our customers the best solutions of today and tomorrow.


Ban of use: R22 from 01.01.2015 Usage in refrigeration compressed air dryers

Chem. properties  -uncritical (A1)
Phys. properties -single component refrigerant
Availability -no availability
Price -increasing


Germany from 01.01.2015

  • Existing fridge dryers using R22 can be operated as long they are free of failure.
  • The use of R22 for maintenance or service purposes (including refill) is not permitted from 01.01.2015. (Filter- and oil change, elimination of leakage, operation without refill and pressure measurement with a portable manometer is not possible). Most maintenance repairs cannot be executed.
  • In case of leaks, the fridge Dryer has to be taken out of operation.
  • The fridge dryer needs regular legal inspections and maintenance works.
  • Only authorized personal according to Regulation (EC) No 2037/2000 are permitted to withdraw waste substances and carry out maintenance repairs which are not affecting the refrigeration cycle.
  • Older fridge dryers, which have almost reached the end of their life span, should be replaced with new devices based on non-ozone-depleting refrigerant.
  • Fridge dryers which are still in good conditions can be refitted for the use of non-ozone-depleting refrigerant.

Germany from 01.01.2010

The use of newly produced R22 for maintenance purposes is banned.

Germany from 01.01.2000

Refrigerant R22 and mixtures containing R22 are banned for the use in new dryers.

Legal foundation

  • Act (EG) Nr. 1005/2009 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 16 September 2009 on substances that deplete the ozone layer (from 01.01.10).
  • Act about substances that deplete the ozone layer (Chemical Ozone Layer Ordinance) from 13 November 2006.

Which consequences occur, if the previous mentioned duties are not fulfilled?

A violation of the previously mentioned duties is an offense according to the chemical act. A penalty up to 50.000 euro can be the consequence.