ultratroc Brisa

The new BRISA SE series is an ideal solution for flow volumes from 10,500 m³/h to 25,000 m³/h with a total of 5 models for every application and, thanks to dedicated standardisation and ultra-modern production flows, offers excellent cost efficiency. The heat exchangers were optimised at extremely low pressure differences. The entire product line is configured with a performance control refrigeration compressor, which corresponds to high energy savings in partial load operation.

With its superior concept, ultratroc BRISA offers:

  • low power consumption
  • low airside pressure loss
  • low power consumption in partial load operation with power control
  • fully-automatic operation for compressed air flow rates from 0 to 100%
  • overflow operation of the refrigerant vaporiser guarantees excellent control characteristics
  • high overload capacity
  • wet-air side coating against corrosion
  • easy to clean copper tube heat exchangers without inserted components, end covers can be removed from all sides
  • stainless-steel self-cleaning separator fixtures
  • electronic level-controlled condensate drain


The compressed air is directed to the refrigeration compressed air dryer for treatment and is pre-cooled in the air/air-heat exchanger. Pre-cooling occurs in counterflow to outgoing, refrigerated compressed air and is achieved entirely without any additional energy requirement.

Further refrigeration to the dew point under pressure occurs with the refrigerant/air heat exchanger, which is refrigerated by a refrigerant loop. Moisture in the compressed air condenses during the entire refrigeration process and is automatically removed via the automatic condensate separator.

The treated compressed air is reheated before escaping from the air/air-heat exchanger with the introduced compressed air. An added bonus is that the formation of condensate on the outside of the compressed air line system is prevented.