ultratroc Boreas

The Boreas product line is designed for treating larger air flow volumes and continues to implement the concept of demand-based drying. This refrigeration dryer demonstrates that combining a proven concept and energy saving strategies while using frequency converters for controlling compressor speeds is an ideal solution. The ultratroc BOREAS is designed for compressed air volumes between 1,800 m3/h and 28,500 m3/h and also excels through very low pressure losses and low power consumption, which keeps operating costs to a minimum.

ultratroc BOREAS also offers, among other things:

  • an intelligent energy saving concept (“Variopulse control”) for savings of up to 90%
  • alternative control systems for various applications available
  • various bus interfaces are also available for shipment
  • illuminated multi-function display
  • load-dependant energy consumption, reduction of nominal power consumption
  • frequency-controlled refrigeration compressors from 3,500 m³/h
  • high overload capacity up to 20°C dew point under pressure
  • sufficiently dimensioned aluminium air/air and refrigerant/ air-heat exchangers with a large power density and adequately proportioned flow channels
  • compressed air input temperatures up to a maximum of +70°C
  • electronic level-controlled condensate separator